Luis Bravo's "Forever Tango" at The Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills is a sizzling review featuring music, lighting, and dance. There is an eleven piece orchestra onstage with four accordian-like bandoneons, strings, keyboards, and grand piano. Singer Carlos Morel appears solo with the band for several numbers and with the dancers for a couple. The dancing is stupendous and Bravo's lighting ties everything together.

The twelve Argentinian dancers appear onstage as couples. Accompanied by steamy Latin rhythms, they dance cheek to cheek, thigh to thigh, body to body. It's, by turns, high octane, sensual, sultry. The dancers choreograph their stories, which appear as a series of about twenty vignettes. They trace the history of tango, from its origins in 19th century brothels to it's later transformations and acceptance in high society. Tango inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, and the tap of a foot.

The dancing features smooth lifts and slides, punctuated by sharp stiletto like leg kicks that go straight out, around the back, between the legs or straight up in arabesque. There's high stepping cancan rhythms, bump and grind with dizzying twirls. "Forever Tango" has body movements like I've never seen. Explosive back bends where she just rockets back to be caught by her partner, lifted high overhead, she has her hands on his shoulders, legs up in the air, while he spins her around. In one outstanding piece, the girl is lifted high overhead, then in a single sudden movement she's dropped and caught a split second before she hits the floor. The show is very structured, but with a freedom and vitality that make it unlike anything else.

"Forever Tango" is a fiery production of Latin rhythm and dance that continues at The Wilshire Theater in Beverly Hills through February 16.

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