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Flower Gardens

Las Vegas

"Ann and Paul"
"Sunday Afternoon in the Pelourinho With Elviane and Her Friends "

Ann's Embroidery

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This week's guests:

This weeks guests Zaki Chahab, Inside Hamas, Bob Fitrakis

Brasil Photos

RIP my dearly beloved Ann Patrice Prebys (7/7/06)

Ann's Embroidery
"Sunrise on Rio Negro" (The Black River of the Amazon)
Delphinium Garden
Flower Gardens
"La Bayou"
"Jacarandas by the Granada"
Santa Barbara
Praia do Gunga

Paul Berenson is one of the leading colorists of the 21st Century. His Impressionistic Oil Paintings of wide ranging subjects vibrate with the light of the Southern California sun. He uses form to create an apparent reality as a bridge, from the mind of the artist to the mind of the viewer.

Paul’s body of work consists of around 2000 oil paintings. Over 400 are on this site. He also has numerous drawings, sketches, and a Journal of 55 volumes documenting his life as an artist. His works have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Philharmonic Playbill. Enjoy your visit and check back often. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

"Irises on Orange"
Parsifal and the Flower Maidens
Updated Weekly

Life Size Bromelias

"Chinaman's Hat"
Hawaii Gallery

"Mephistopheles Appears to Faust"
Classical Figure Gallery


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