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Next week's guests include State Superintendent of Schools Jack O'Connell, 4th District Supervisor Joni Gray, author Eric Boehlert

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Saturday May 13, 2006

     Iran's President writes directly to Bush, but it's called a ploy. They're AT LEAST 10 years away from a bomb. Russia pushes back at us, and new spying allegations on US citizens by Bush and the NSA. The bunker buster test in Nevada has been postponed. Also, FEMA is buying up farms in remote areas of the Dakotas. Bird flu quarrantine camps???
     We'll' discuss the new Bond deal, the coming election, and election year budget with Assembly Budget Committee Chairman John Laird.
      The price of gold has been skyrocketing along with oil prices, our deficit, debt ceiling, and sabre rattling. Craig Smith president and CEO of Swiss America Trading Corporation joins us to talk about it, where will it peak, and what it all means.
      We hit the immigration debate from every angle. This week it's Minuteman National Executive Director Al Garza. Who exactly are these folks? Is the Border Patrol tipping off the Mexican Government about their locations? We've had a lot of people talk ABOUT them, now we'll talk TO them.
      Janet Wolf will be along for the third hour to talk about the 2nd District Supervisor race. We will talk about the Housing Element and identify some more places to build housing, or not. She's also talking about alcoholism, homelessness, and we'll ask about Prop 61 (Mental Health) and probably Measure D.

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Saturday May 6, 2006     

     We'll update Bush's war plans with Iran. Huge demonstrations by immigrants and supporters on Monday. We'll be joined by UCSB Sociology Professor William I. Robinson to examine the effects from standpoints of race, economics, country of origin, history, and any other view. It should be a great discussion.
      Progressive Democrat Marcy Winograd joins us at the bottom of the second hour. She's running against Rep. Jane Harman in California's 36th Congressional District. Harman claims to be "...the best Republican in the Democratic Party", and Winograd is challenging her on the Iraq War, Patriot Act, and numerous other positions where Harman supports the Administration. Marcy even has Cindy Sheehan walking precints for her. This is the race that could surprise the Democratic Party Establishment.
      Joe Guzzardi will be along for the third hour to talk about the 2nd District Supervisor race. We will talk about the Housing Element and identify some more places to build housing.

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Saturday April 29, 2006  

     Gas prices are skyrocketing while oil companies make record profits. Excuse me, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's happening here! Tim Carpenter will call in with a live report from the California Democratic Convention. There's going to be some fireworks form Marcy Winograd's Congressional campaign against Rep. Jane Harman, and we'll get it first hand. Mimi Kennedy also made an appearance.
      The UN deadline for Iran's nuclear program is Friday and we'll be joined by former Chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter to talk about what we're already doing, the state of their program, and what happens next.      "United 93" came out and we talk to our friend, researcher Don Paul about this, his new DVD, a lot more about 9/11, and the Citizens Grand Jury.
      Congresswoman Lois Capps will be in at the bottom of the second hour to talk about gas prices and what Congress can do about it. We'll also talk about cuts to the education budget, Medicare, and maybe Immigration.
      Dr. Dan Secord will be along for the third hour to talk about the 2nd District Supervisor race. We will talk about the Housing Element and identify some more places to build housing. We also comment on Giselle Ben Dor.

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   Saturday April 22, 2006

       Immigration, working conditions, union busting, and Aztlan dominate the first hour. We'll also talk about gas prices.
       Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director Tim Carpenter joins us to talk about PDA's involvement in the '06 election cycle. Is there a comprehensive strategy for reclaiming a house of Congress? The opportunity certainly seems to be there with the seeming collapse of the White House team, Bush's abysmal poll numbers, and speculation of new indictments. We'll also talk about the new Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara chapter.
      Dr. James Rolfe is one of, if not, the only dentist treating people in Afghanistan. That country has been at almost continuous war since 1980 and he'll tell us about the cities and country. I met him when he was on the Al Franken Show here a couple weeks ago, and he will also tell us the things that Franken DIDN'T want to hear.
      Mickey Flacks is one of Santa Barbara's leading housing advocates. She will join us in the third hour to talk about one of our favorite subjects. DA Candidate Doug Hayes joins us at the bottom of the hour to talk about the office and his campaign.

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Saturday April 15, 2006

Iran goes nuclear but is still "years away from weapons, experts say." Seymour Hersch says we're already making plans to attack Iran. We'll talk about this, maybe Iraq and the Middle East in general. Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) announced this week, he's running for President in '08. Immigration is still hot, and a new Field Poll shows Ahhnuld may be reversing his fortunes.     24th Congressional District Candidate Michael Tenenbaum is a Republican who was on the primary ballot before Rep. Elton Gallegly announced he was withdrawing, then retracted. Why didn't the GOP just let him have it? We'll talk with him about it at the top of the second hour.
      Assemblymember Pedro Nava joins us at the bottom of the hour to talk about Ahhnuld's new budget, higher education, and student activism among other things.
      SB City Councilman Das Williams is running for 2nd District Supervisor and said in an op-ed piece last week that he will try to get state housing mandates CHANGED in Sacramento if he is elected. He appears to have an ally in Treasurer Phil Angelides who told us he would revisit those mandates if he's elected Governor. If any other of the candidates want to talk about this, let me know. If you do, be prepared to be very expansive and say a lot about it. It's a huge issue and nobody seems to be talking about anything except build or get sued.

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Saturday April 8, 2006

      We talk more about immigration.
      Assemblyman Mark Leno has a bill to keep a close eye on sexual predators. He also had a bill to increase penalties for groping that was dubbed Arnold's Law. We'll talk about this and more.
    At the bottom of the second hour we talk about Bush's leak and wiretaps.    
      Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum joins us to talk a lot about drugs and recent gang violence. It's always fun with Mayor Marty.

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Saturday April 1, 2006

  There's a lot happening with Iraq, body armor, and Nuclear? testing in Nevada. Let's go to Las Vegas to see the mushroom cloud on June 2.  Israel had a rather important election.  
      I guess immigration is the topic of the week, so we'll talk a lot about that at the bottom of the first hour and most of the second with Daraka Larimore Hall. We also talk about UCLA Basketball and baseball has authorized a steroid investigation to be headed by fmr. Sen. George Mitchell,
      1st District Supervisor Salud Carbajal joins us for the third hour. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to pass the Housing Element this week. Affordable housing is what everyone's talking about. We'll talk a lot about that.The City of SB is exploring transfer rights for the developers of the Gaviota Coast.

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Saturday March 25, 2006

     There's a lot happening with 9/11 this week inside and outside the Moussaoui trial. Actor Charlie Sheen joins the long list of prominent critics calling for a new investigation. He says the most improbable story is the official one. Pres. Bush finally called on Senior White House Correspondent Helen Thomas, for the first time in three years, in a press conference. We'll talk about this and how we are treating our returning vets. It's WAY worse than we are being told by our docile press.
      3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone joins us at the bottom of the 2nd hour. We'll talk a lot about the Gaviota Coast, environmental protections, and housing. Maybe even wine and beer!
      Gov. Schwartzenegger has CUT California's budget deficit from $18 billion to $24 billion! We'll discuss this and other creative claims in the new ads with Democratic Gubenatorial Candidate, Treasurer Phil Angelides at the bottom of the 3rd hour. We'll also talk about the bond proposals and Angelides' coastal protection plan among other things.

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Saturday March 18, 2006

     It's the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and that's the topic of the day.Thursday we launched the largest offensive of the war to date. Rep. Lynn Woolsey was the first member of Congress to call for withdrawl of US troops from Iraq. When she joins us she will be fresh from a Town Hall meeting about it with Rep. Barbara Lee.
      Fallujah was a city about the size of Cincinnati. Mark Manning is the only Western journalist to get into Fallujah after we destroyed it. He will join us in the second hour. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter was kicked out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein in 1998 after being accused of being a CIA spy. He has since become one of the biggest critics of the war. He also has thoughts about Iran.
      SB Mayor Marty Blum is a staunch opponent of the Iraq War. In the third hour she will tell us some of the costs to us on a local level. We'll also talk about the Living Wage and other local issues.

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Saturday March 11, 2006

     UCSB Gaucho Basketball Analyst Kristen Koch went to Tulane. She has very deep ties to New Orleans. When she went back for Mardi Gras it was the first time since Katrina. We'll talk about her observations of the personal, political, and cultural differences, before and after.
      Dr. Morgan Reynolds, fmr. Chief Economist US Dept. of Labor, and Professor Emeritus Texas A & M, joins us for the second hour to talk about his expertise. Our National Debt is $8.2 trillion. Most of it is owned by China, Japan, and a few others. Bush wants to sell our ports to UAE. Why not, he's sold off everything else. Now the new Fed Chief is going to make secret the number of dollars in circulation. We'll talk about the coming currency devaluation and a lot more.
      2nd District Supervisor Susan Rose joins us in the third hour to discuss the Visioning Committee, land use in general, the Gaviota Coast,the SB News Press, and state housing mandates. We will also talk about Watershed Planning.

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Saturday March 4, 2006

     Sure glad we've got the National Security President. This week we find out that FEMA Head Mike Brown warned him about the probable levee breaches the day BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. Bush did nothing and New Orleans was destroyed. On August 6, 2001 Bush was warned about an attack on the US by Osama in the President's Daily Brief. He did nothing. Now he's promoting nuclear energy in India and selling our ports to UAE. He's already sent our industrial base to Communist China, and our high tech industry is being exported to India. Sure makes me feel safer!!
       It's a crowded Democratic field to win the right to get thrashed by Rep. Elton Gallegly in the 24th Congressional District. We'll talk to candidate Rev. Jill Martinez in the second hour.
      Sec. of State Bruce MacPherson has certified voting machines with documented security flaws, refuses to hold public hearings, and now blows off the Senate Elections Committee. Sen. Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach) joins us to talk about this, voting machines, and slot machines.
     Former Goleta School Board Member and 2nd District Supervisor Candidate Janet Wolf joins us for the last segment of the second hour and the third hour to discuss county issues. Land use will be the major topic.

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Saturday February 25, 2006

     It's a very short show this week. There's WAY too much news to cover in 10 minutes, but we'll find something. Maybe Ports or the selling of America in general. Iraq seems on the verge of civil war.
     SB City Councilman Das Williams and former candidate Dianne Channing are in at 1:15 to talk about the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. That will go until 1:45 when we get pre-empted by UCSB Basketball...Go Gauchos! 1:30 my PD came in and said the time was changed for the game. Das stayed for the next hour. We talked about 2nd District issues, the City loft issue, wire tapping, and the ports deal with UAE and the general selling of America.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday February 18, 2006

     The Bush Administration and Israel are quietly discussing ways to undermine the Palestinian election. Democracy's great as long as the right candidates win! Hamas took power today. Great phone calls on this subject. The SBNP is at it again with half-truths, smears, and innuendos.
    One of my favorite things is Brazilian Carnaval. The 3rd Annual one comes to SB next week. We talk with Soul Brasil Magazine's Vanessa Issac and Samba Dancer Jennifer Parker about samba and the traditions of Carnaval.
     Mimi Kennedy, and Jim March of join us to talk about the latest sleight of hand by appointed Secretary of State Bruce MacPherson.  80% of our votes are counted by two Conservative Corporations, Diebold and ES&S. Mimi picked Bush's SOU comment about "We're working on the vote" which I missed.     
    Lynnette Taylor joins us from Toronto at the bottom of the second hour to talk about gun violence, non-violence, and the 2nd Ammendment . We'll discuss the Goleta Postal Shooting and maybe Dick Cheney. Jim was a lobbyist for a gun rights organization that is slightly more radical than the NRA and will talk about differences in laws. Canadians are as well armed as Americans but they don't shoot each other. Lynnette will talk about societal differences between us and our northern neighbors.
     Community Activist and 2nd District Supervisor Candidate Joe Guzzardi joins us in the third hour to discuss county issues. Land use will be the major topic. Also campaign finance and maybe the County Split.

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Saturday February 11, 2006

     Supervisor Brooks Firestone calls to talk about the Community Gathering for the postal workers who were killed. I talk about the Hurricane Katerina hearings.
     Two new political plays open in SB this week. We'll talk to Robert Potter about his play "The Last Liberal" then Irwin Appel will be in to tell us about a world premiere of a new play by UCSB professor Carlos Morton called "Brown Baby" - it deals with immigration, black market adoption. We'll also talk a little about the new Oregon Shakespeare Festival season with Irwin.
     Bush sent his new budget to Congress this week. Congresswoman Lois Capps is on the Budget Committee and we'll discuss it with her. It calls for the biggest deficit in history, cuts funding for education, Medicare, and Medicaid. California will lose $3.1 billion, and $700 billion of Social Security tax revenues will be diverted to private accounts among other things.
     Jonathan Tasini is an anti-war Democrat from New York who is challenging Hillary Clinton for her Senate seat. He will join us at the bottom of the the second hour.
     Termed out SB City Councilman Dr. Dan Secord is a member of the Coastal Commission and a candidate for 2nd District Supervisor. We'll talk to him about land use, county issues, the Commission, and maybe look at his thoughts about his years on the Council and the future of Santa Barbara. Unfortunately the recording didn't get made.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3 

Saturday February 4, 2006

SB City Council Member Das Williams filled in and forgot the tape

Saturday January 28, 2006

     It's a short show this week. We get pre-empted by UCSB Basketball at 2:45pm. Until then we'll talk a little about Judge Alito and cowardly Democrats
     Santa Barbara City Councilman Das Williams is running for 2nd District Supervisor. He's in at 1:15 to talk about county issues. Land use will surely come up, and maybe the County Split until 1:45.
     Santa Barbara City Councilwoman Helene Schneider is next. She will talk about homelessness, the Living wage, sustainability, disaster preparation, and other city business fram 1:45-2:45.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3 

Saturday January 21, 2006 

     Hannah-Beth Jackson will be in to talk probably about Judge Alito, his Unitary Executive interpretation of the Constitution that gives the Executive virtually unlimited power, and other aspects of his confirmation if it happens. We'll probably talk about the Governor's borrow and spend plan, too.
     Mary Pallant is running for Congress in the 24th District to challenge Elton Gallegely. Her platform calls for ending the war in Iraq, Restore Fiscal Responsibility in D.C., and protecting Social Security. She joins us in studio from about 10 minutes into the second hour.
     2nd District Supervisor Susan Rose joins us for the third hour. She's a strong advocate for Child Care, a hot topic lately, and we'll talk a lot about that, along with the County Split, among other things.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3   

 Saturday January 14, 2006

In the 1980's Sam Alito said what he needed to say to get a job in the Justice Department. This week he said little and conveniently forgot the rest to get a job on the Supreme Court. Do Democrats have the spine to filibuster?
     MacGregor Eddy faces jail time for protesting at Vandenberg. Her trial is Jan. 19 in SB. She claims the Iraq War is illegal under the Nuremberg Principles, and her friends will conduct a simultaneous trial of the U.S for war crimes. We LIKE to talk about this, and we will with her.
     Assembly Budget Committee Chairman John Laird joins us in the second hour to break down the Governor's new budget and the effect of his bond proposals on California and future generations.
     Measure D is the topic in the third hour with SB City Councilwoman Iya Falcone. There seem to be forces at work trying to highlight every little question and conflict in an attempt to have it go down. Do we want to drive on clogged and broken roads? That's the question, among other things.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday January 7, 2006

    136 Out of Iraq events were Saturday, so we talk about that. We had the worst mining disaster in years, and Ariel Sharon is out in Israel. That could effect everything in the Middle East. Lynnette joins us from Toronto at the bottom of the hour and we bet a rabid right wing caller spouting Rush's talking points.
    Ahhnuld gave his Election Year speech. He wants to rebuild our roads and schools, and he's NOT raising UC/CSU fees for ONE year. How is he going to pay for it? A $50 billion or so bond. Governor-Cut-Up-The-Credit Cards wants to borrow it and let our kids pay it back. We discuss it with Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, Assistant Speaker, at the top of the second hour. Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer (D-Glendale) joins us to talk about this, the climate in Sacramento since the Special Election, and the outlook for this legislative year at the bottom of the hour
           Community Activist Gary Earle of Coalition for Sensible Planning is in studio in the third hour. They have interviewed all of the likely 2nd District Supervisor candidates, and we'll see if he comments on it. Regardless, we'll talk a lot about land use, development, and growth. Judy Ishkanian, President of Homeowners Defense Fund will continue the discussion at the bottom of the hour.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday December 31, 2005

     Ahhnuld's got a few problems facing him in the New Year. Democrats and Conservatives don't trust him, the Unions detest him, and the General Public doesn't much care for him, either. We'll finally get to talk about Judge Alito.
     Author Don Paul joins us to talk about who's profiting from Iraq, the War on Terror, 9/11. Also, what it means for the future of our country and what we can do about it.
     Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum is in studio for the third hour. It's the first time back since her re-election. We'll look back at 2005, and mostly, ahead to 2006.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday December 24, 2005

SB City Councilman Das Williams fills in. Das will talk about protecting open space from development, reducing traffic, and will be interviewing local high school students on their political views. Have a Merry and we'll be back New Years Eve!

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday December 17, 2005

    Preston Browning heads Mercy Corps' New Orleans Reconstruction Project. The long time resident tells us what's really happening there.      
Congresswoman Barbara Lee has been one of the leading opponents of the Iraq War from the get-go. She's scheduled to join us to talk about that, withdrawl / "enduring bases," and the faulty intelligence / regime change leading up to it among other things.
     We've spent around $350 billion and over 2100 American lives for elections in Iraq, but CA Republicans are trying to rig the vote here. Sen. Debra Bowen is running for Secretary of State and has a petition to urge Ahhnuld's appointed Sec. of State to thoroughly test Diebold voting machines before certifying them in January. They have failure rates of up to 20%. Sign her petition here: She will also update us on the North Carolina Diebold suit.
     The Bush Administration is rattling sabers at Canada now! Their PM Paul Martin is being told to not run an anti-Bush campaign to get re-elected. I guess they don't care what ANYONE thinks of us, but all Americans pay the price for their arrogance. Our friend Lynnette DuBois joins us for this and discussion of a moral budget, one of our favorite topics. Granny Bee also checks in.
     In the third hour SB City Councilwoman Iya Falcone has a program to provide free eye check-ups and glasses to poor children. She'll be joined by SB Eyeglass Factory's Rick Feldman to tell us about that, then lay out her priorities for her second term.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday December 10, 2005

     Iraq War archetech Paul D. Wolfowitz, in a speech at the National Press Club, admits that the Downing Street Memos are true! Bush DID lie. The war is strictly illegal under International law. The penultimate war crime under the Nuremberg Principles is starting an unprovoked war of aggression. The British Government recognized this and discussed it in the Downing Street Minutes and Memos.
     KCSB's Elizabeth Robinson is just back from Tunesia where there are no broadcasting rights, no free press, no freedom of association. Sounds like fun!!
     Congresswoman Lois Capps will talk about the recent Republican sham vote on Iraq. She's also signed onto Rep. Lynn Woolsey's genuine attempt to end the war. We'll talk about Depleted Uranium off the coast, and try to get to the Budget Bill.
     PDA's Marcy Winograd joins us to discuss election protection, clean money, and the media, among other things.
In the third hour
      Carpinteria City Councilman Joe Armendirez
is in to talk about regional transportation issues, probably land use, and more.

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday December 3, 2005

     Bush says we'll stay in Iraq until we win (or go bankrupt trying). The Supreme Court is taking up an abortion issue and Judge Alito outlines a strategy to overturn Roe. If he's confirmed all he has to do is vote.
     Progressive Democrats of America Political Director Kevin Spidel reports live from the DNC meeting in Phoenix. He will be at the all-day PDA conference/teach-in on the DNC - what is it? How does it differ from the DLC? How does PDA influence its agenda? National Board Chair/Actress Mimi Kennedy will also join us to help Democrats find a backbone.
     We finally do our election post-mortem with Hannah-Beth Jackson. Ahhnuld appointed his new Chief-of-Staff to project a more "moderate" image. Susan Kennedy is a Democrat who supports his agenda. Sounds like Recall Ahhnuld all over again. There's still the matter of Sec of State Bruce McPherson and the Diebold voting machines.
     Economist Lanny Ebenstein joins us in the third hour to talk about taxes and economic systems. He's a Libertarian leaning Republicanand we'll try to win him over

Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3

Saturday November 26, 2005

     GM "sheds" 30,000 more American jobs,  We talk more about the destruction of the American economy. Also the SBNP smear of Rep. Lois Capps over the Iraq War.
      Dr. Doug Rokke, Dir. US Army Depleted Uranium Project.
The Pentagon admitted that we're using the chemical weapon White Phosphorous in Iraq. With Depleted Uranium we're actually waging Nuclear War in Iraq. For what, a lie!
     The U.S. has used over 2000 tons of depleted uranium in Iraq. Dr. Helen Caldicott is one of the world's leading anti-nuclear activists and we really will broadcast our interview with her. She says the US is waging a nuclear war without the explosions in Iraq. She will tell us about Depleted Uranium
     Our appointed Sec. of State Bruce McPherson disbanded the Voting Systems Panel to guard against rigged elections. They couldn't win by having an $80m Special Election so they try rigging the election with a voting system with a 20% voting mistake rating. Sen. Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach) is running to be ELECTED Sec. of State.
     Assemblyman Paul Koretz is writing Veteran Protection legislation to protect our National Guard by informing them of the risks before, and testing them after for the effects of depleted uranium. He's also an ardent opponent of the Death Penalty.
     Former SB resident Jimmy Walker is offering a $1million reward to anyone who can prove the Twin Towers was NOT a managed demolition. In other words, if you can prove the official version of 9/11 is true, you win.

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